Best Way To Protect Your Promotional Material

Mail, though as not as sophisticated as email as our technology-oriented society may think, is still the most effective marketing medium. Getting the needed attention of targeted audience for new service or product is a key to a successful marketing campaign. But, it's not enough to simply mail your promotional material. It is important to protect it from possible damages that may occur during the transportation process on the way to your targeted audience. Your best option is packaging. And numerous 3PL companies know just how important finishing services are for e-commerce businesses and offer a variety of effective and low-cost plastic wrapping services.

The last thing you'd want is your customers receiving damaged flyers or brochures. We all know the outcome of such situation – all the money and hard work you've put into creating and generating your mail outs will be thrown in trash. Therefore, protect your promotional material with paper wrapping to ensure intact delivery. This will ensure your promotional material is opened and read. Well, maybe not all. After all its up to customers to decide whether your product or service is suitable for them. However, given the fact that over 85% of people still open and read their mail regularly, there are greater chances your marketing campaign will be a success.

Another cost-effective and efficient way of protecting your mail outs is shrink wrapping. This finishing service involves plastic film and heat. A product is wrapped with a plastic film first and then heat is added what causes the film to shrink thus tightly sealing the content and protecting it from any harmful external factors. This is especially useful if you plan to include a sample product with your brochure. Shrink wrapping your promotional material will help you not just protect it, but will also save you a lot of money as your product will be usable. And that's what your marketing campaign is all about – your targeted audience to be able to test the new product and send both positive and negative feedback.  


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