Thursday, March 27, 2014

Importance Of Good And Regular CPAP Cleaning

Besides a high quality CPAP mask, an important part of the CPAP therapy is to ensure your CPAP mask and CPAP mask parts are clean and sterile. This is not only important for your health because germs can hide inside the mask and the CPAP mask parts, but is also important for your budget. CPAP devices, CPAP mask parts and other CPAP accessories last longer if properly maintained.
CPAP therapy is not familiar to all, so the cleaning CPAP options are relatively new field for CPAP users. Many of them use mild dish detergents and water to clean CPAP masks and its parts, but recently as education about the importance of clean and sterile CPAP devices has increased, the cleaning options have increased too.
In order to keep your masks and CPAP mask parts clean, read below to see the most easy and appropriate ways to clean your CPAP products.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Advantages Of Bipap Macine

Looking for a solution, that will enable a good night sleep. People that are diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, find bipap machine quite useful, especially those that have congestive heart failure or other serious heart diseases. The bipap machine also known as bi-level, provides higher positive airway pressure when the patient inhales, and lower pressure when exhaling. Lack of oxygen in the brain cause the patient to cough, choke, and restart the breathing cycle multiple times in the night. However, that minute when the patient stops breathing, the bipap machine will increase the pressure and force enough air to breath normal again. Before you shop for a positive pressure device, make sure you know the advantages of using the bipap machine. Read the following ones, we have listed bellow.