Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Vinyl Flooring Glue - When Do You Need It

The most frequent question people ask when installing vinyl floors is whether they need vinyl flooring glue or not. Well that depends on few things, what kind of flooring products you use, your sub-floor, the size of the room and the traffic you expect to have in that room. If you prefer to have permanent floor coverings that can withstand scratches, spills and impacts then it would be ideal to choose vinyl flooring glue. Even if the vinyl wears out, you can place a new one right over the old vinyl floor. Those people who decide to have the same floor for more than 20 years, choose to glue down the vinyl, but if you plan to change it for few years then you can leave it just like that. Whether you need vinyl flooring glue, will also depend on the type of installation you choose. There are three types of installing vinyl flooring, which one you gonna choose will depend on your personal preferences.