Best Pretend Play Kitchens

Want to get an amazing toy for your preschoolers that will help them explore their imagination while learning and developing some important skills like vocabulary building and basics math as well as good communication and socialization? Consider investing in a high quality pretend play kitchens.

Pretend play kitchens are more than just a place where your kids will play and be calm. They are a place, which allows your kids to practice being in social situations with many opportunities like, playing and cooking for your family members in the house or for the guests in a restaurant.
While playing, cooking and working with plastic utensils and food, your kids will learn new words, will learn everything about size, shapes and colors, but the best of all is that kids play kitchen offer you an incredible chance to have a family fun with your kids.
There are many pretend play kitchens that differ by size, color and price, so be sure that you will find the perfect kids play kitchen for your children that fits your budget and space.

Have a look at the best three pretend play kids kitchens

  • Kidkraft Red Vintage Kitchen – “Kidkraft Red Vintage Kitchen” is a kids play kitchen perfect for your little ones. This kitchen makes playtime more fun and realistic than before and be sure that your young chefs would love to cook in it. This adorable red vintage kids play kitchen has doors that open and close, tons of convenient storage space and knobs that click and turn. Your kids will feel just like an adults while “cooking” in this amazing kitchen for the entire family.
  • Kidkraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen” - This amazing Espresso kitchen is a perfect way to add some fun in your kids life. With its incredible wooden, modern, and hip look, and with its fun details like chalkboard for waiting the daily specials and cordless phone this, kitchen will win the hearts of your little ones.
  • Kidkraft Large Pastel Kitchen” - The fabulous pastel kids Kidkraft kitchen is perfect for your little girls. The imaginative details, the kid sized favorite features and bright colors, the amazing fridge and other details will surely impress the youngest chefs in your home.


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