Top 3 Server Rack Sizes

Server racks are product that will help you organize and keep your network equipment protected. There are many server rack sizes and if your having limited low budget then you should keep with regular server racks available on the market, and not taking in consideration custom made server racks. Most popular ones are:

27RU Server Sze Rack – This sever rack is design to hold up to 180 kg of server equipment and not to take much space. 27RU server rack have front glass door, vented fronts and sides for better cooling, hole for cables and much more.

12RU 450 mm Server Rack – 12RU serverrack cabinet includes all you need form server rack cabinet, from lockable side panels, per-punched provision for fans, tempered glass door and much more. This cabinet is 450 mm deep and you can fit a lot of networking servers.

4RU 300 mm Server Rack – Server rack that can hold up to 180 kg and take small space in your server room is the 4RU server cabinet. We always aim to buy bigger server rack, but when you see your needs this 300mm server cabinet can do the job without any problem.   


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