Best Sports Flooring Options

Market is full with outstanding sports flooring solutions suitable for recreation centers, schools, training facilities and gyms, but the question is which one will suit your athletic purposes. Make sure you ask a lot of questions about the surfacing options available online. Even though the sports flooring surface is a small component of the whole floor, still it plays major part in the performance and hall's appearance as well. Not only that, sports flooring surface dictates your maintaining costs for the years to come, so it's important that you choose wisely. To narrow your options and ease the search, we have listed few of the most popular sports flooring options available online.

Wood Sports Flooring – Many people opt for the aesthetic appearance of wood. But they don't realize that wood demands higher maintenance than any other sports flooring surfaces. It's quite expensive as well. Compared to other floor solutions, wood floors are not that prone to scratches, so expect to reseal the floor every 2-3 years.

Synthetic Sports Flooring - Synthetic sports flooring on the other hand, offers greater versatility and it costs half of the wood floor price. Synthetic sports flooring is ideal for basketball, volleyball, indoor tennis and jogging, as it is durable enough to handle heavy traffic, scratches or water spills. This type of sport flooring uses a recycled-rubber underlay, that acts as a cushioned platform. Once the underlay is glued down, the mat needs to be sealed, usually with two self-leveling pours of urethane. Installed like that, this type of sport flooring will need to be refurbished in 12-15 years at half the cost of the initial installation.

Linoleum Sports Flooring Surfaces – Linoleum flooring surface is another great choice for multipurpose rooms. It can be repaired quickly if any kind of damage occurs. Plus no one can deny the sport performance this floor has. The only downside linoleum has, is that sole marks are difficult to remove. It means that over time, these marks compromise its appearance but not its performance.

Vinyl Sports Flooring – Compared to linoleum, vinyl sport flooring is easier to clean and repair when needed. The most durable, long lasting floor solution that deals perfectly with heavy traffic, spills and moisture. These floors are especially designed to ensure the best conditions for ultimate athletic performance, and maximum health safety for both competitive sports and amateur sports activities.


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