Friday, August 7, 2015

The English Standard Version: Understand The Bible In A Deeper Way

The English Standard Version is an evangelical revision and interpretation of the old Revised Standard Version. It is actually a translation of the Old Testament and a correction of the non-Christian interpretations included in the 1971 edition of the Revised Standard Version.

The creators of the English Standard Version tried really hard to improve the accuracy of information using more explanations and literal translations. The Bible experts have tried to create a Bible translation that can be easily understood by the normal people for more than 100 years. Finally, that dream became reality in 2001. They managed to fill in the gap between the simple readability of the N.I.V and the precision of the New American Standard Bible Version.

The English Standard Version combines the most recent and the best evangelical Christian scholarship with the highly regarded ESV text, which ranks it among the most comprehensive study Bibles ever published.

This amazing version translates the bibles written in Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic languages perfectly. The creators tried to stick as close as possible to the original texts in order to keep the personal writing style of each Bible writer. Its success is obvious, as there are no other translations which succeeded in delivering so much clarity, transparency as well as accuracy of the original texts.

The English Standard Version is accepted and very popular among young Fundamentalist and Christians. Therefore, many surveys have shown that about 15% of people who have plans of starting a church, choose to use the new English Standard Version.

More than 100 Bible experts from various parts of the globe were committed to deliver clear translation of the Scriptures and exact historic events.
What made the English Standard Version such a success is their great dedication to it. Therefore, no matter how perfect the translations looked, Bible experts they strove towards perfection of the translations and reviewed the ESV Bible texts on each five years. They did their best to translate difficult Hebrew passages and to clearly present the Old Testament and as they stand in the Masoretic texts.

The non-profitable organization “Crossway Bibles” issued the English Standard Version editions. Their sole purpose was to publish and deliver the truth of God's Word and the good news of the gospel.

Among the top-selling ESV bibles are the ESV Gospel of John Cross Design, ESV Economy Bible, ESV Share the Good News Outreach New Testament and ESV Economy New Testament.

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