Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Best Home Cleaning Products To Successfully Deal With Pet Dander

Owning a pet has many benefits like companionship, unconditional love, stress relief, etc. However, the daunting amount of dander your furry friend can shed is not one of them.

Dander is generally a mixture of dried proteins and dead skins, which can triggers pet allergies. If you have a family member that is allergy-prone, this can be a serious problem. Here are the best home cleaning products to successfully deal with pet dander.

The Basics

You can deal with many household surfaces such as baseboards, ceilings and walls, by simply wiping them down on a regular basis. For that use a basic all-purpose cleaner combined with hot water. While this solution is quite affordable, but if you are trying to keep it even cheaper, make sure to use at least a dampen clean cloth with a little of warm water. Dry dusting will only lead the dander to get back up into the air and settle elsewhere.

Sprays and solutions designed for cleaning dust mites can be very helpful as well. But, if you are against using these products due to their harsh chemicals that may cause eye or lung irritation for family members and pets, there is a variety of eco-friendly home cleaning products that you can choose from. These products are typically made from non-toxic and natural ingredients and are known to be just as effective as regular cleaners.

The Details

Today, there is a variety of or lint-type rollers and brushes on the market that can help you remove dander from furniture efficiently. But to really get your upholstery squeaky clean, sometime you will have to shampoo it. Drapes and carpets also tend to collect a great amount of dander, so these surfaces will need to be cleaned more frequently.

There is a number of things that you can put in the washing machine. The majority of slipcovers, drapes and rugs are machine washable. To avoid hash chemicals use a non-toxic detergent to remove the dander from these items.

Don't Forget The Source

Remember that your pet is the original source of the dander. So giving your pet a regular bath will help control the amount of dander in your home. For that you can use one of the many options of anti-dander shampoo for dogs and cats available on the market.

It is true that to keep dander under control you will need some planning and effort. But with the right home cleaning products it shouldn't be an unbeatable problem.

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