Sunday, September 18, 2016

Citrus Plants: A Gardener's Most Beautiful Provider of Shade, Fruit & Scent

Citrus plants with their wonderful aroma and healthy fruits are the perfect addition to any garden. The best thing about these plants is that they are simple to grow and can be very productive. A citrus tree can provide you with a great amount of fresh fruit so you can enjoy each day in a freshly squeezed juice packed with a great amount of vitamin C. To enjoy in a fresh juice and gorgeous scent all year round you should first choose the right tree that will fit your available space and specific weather conditions.

To help you make the best decision in this article we will go through all the things you should look out for when shopping for best citrus plants for sale. We have also included some essential tips that will help you grow a healthy citrus tree. All citrus trees belong to the family of sub-tropical evergreens and most of them can grow up to four meters. However not all varieties can reach the same potential, for instance oranges and grapefruit are very productive and need a lot of space to fully bloom, while limes and Meyer lemons on the other hand fall into the category of smaller plants which means they don't need a lot of growing space and can even be grown in containers. These days you can find many different citrus plants for sale and each variety comes with its own specific features and advantages.

Lemons are probably the most popular and widely grown citrus variety. They produce a lot of juice and can be grown both outdoors and indoors as well. Grapefruit is another commonly used citrus plant that just like lemons has fruits that are full with juice. This type of tree need a warm climate to reach it full potential and produce quality and healthy fruits. The grapefruit can have either white or pigmented peel. Those with white peel are know as 'Marsh Seedlees' and 'Duncan' trees, while the ones with coloured flesh include “Star Ruby', 'Rio Red', 'Redblush' as well as the 'Ruby' tree. Yet another popular choice among gardeners are orange trees. All oranges can be divided into two basic categories: sweet and bitter. Due to its strong sour taste the bitter orange is not widely grown, while the sweet variety is available in three different types including common, blood or pigmented and navel orange.

As we mentioned earlier there are some essential tips you should follow when growing citrus trees. These plants need proper maintenance and should be panted in a healthy, well-drained soil. Make sure you plant them in a sunny spot in your garden since they need at least four to five hours of sunshine each day. Citrus trees require regular watering, and when blooming they have to be watered at least three times a week.

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