Friday, March 17, 2017

Install RCD Safety Switches to Prevent Getting a Fatal Electric Shock

Do not meddle in the affairs of live wires, for they are subtle and quick to strike you. Instead, get an RCD. With buying and installing a residual current device (or RCD) in your house or apartment, you can protect and save yours and your family's lives from an electric shock or any type of electrical damage. A faulty or a live wire in your home can prove to be your demise if you are not careful when working and accidentally cut through or touch one.

Just imagine what could happen to you if you are trimming the grass in your backyard and suddenly cut a wire with the lawnmower. Unleashing that amount of lethal voltage to course through your body for more than a few seconds can be catastrophic. That's why you should make sure to check for a quality RCD for sale on the Australian market. It's a vital protection layer to your home safety. An RCD can provide you the type of security and protection that other safety devices like circuit breakers or fuses simply cannot.

Specifically designed to shield you against electrocution or earth faults, this residual current device works in a way that it constantly “keeps an eye” on any electrical current flowing through the circuit or circuits which the RCD is installed to protect (or monitor).

So, if it happens that it notices electricity flowing through an inanimate object or person, the device will immediately turn off the current and hopefully save your life by stopping and significantly reducing the amount you would absorb. That way the risk of a serious injury and god-forbid, death, is much, much smaller.

When choosing what to buy, there are a few types of residual current devices out there on the market, each one proving a different type of safety level. To help you out make the right choice, I'd recommend you to get a fixed residual current device. Why? Simply because this RCD type provides the highest level of security, protecting all the connected appliances, sockets and wiring. After being installed, a fixed RCD provides electricity protection to a single circuit or more, so you are totally covered.

With everything said, make sure you buy an RCD for sale to save some bucks and install it in areas like your garden, kitchen or bathroom, where electrical faults or accidents are more likely to happen. If you are having any doubts whether these devices are a reliable form of protection against electrocution, I'm glad to tell you that they prove to be effective about 98% of the time.

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