The Health Benefits of Hot Tubs and How to Choose the Right One

We live in a fast paced world where stress and fatigue have become integral parts of everyday life. The modern worker spends a lot of time in a seated position working in front of a computer and a sedentary office job can often lead to back pain, reduced range of motion and tensed muscles. If you don't take some time to relax and unwind, stress, back pain and other culprits of modern living can really take a tool on your health. There are many ways to de-stress and put both your body and mind at ease after a long and busy day. Due to the numerous health benefits it provides, emotional and physical stress relief being just some of them, soaking in a hot tub has become a popular method of relaxation among many Australians.

The fact that warm water has healing properties has been known for centuries. Using water for healing and relaxation purposes is a practice known as hydrotherapy. Enjoying a relaxing hot bath was a common practice in the Roman Empire. Constructed to provide both relaxation and entertainment Roman baths featured calidariums, which were basically hot rooms with a water pool and separate basins where one could enjoy a soothing bath. These days, hot tubs are essential elements in spa and wellness centres. Plus, thanks to advancements in technology, there are also practical hot tubs that are designed to suit any home setting. They allow you to enjoy all the benefits of hydrotherapy in the comfort of your home.

Soaking in a hot tub increases the core body temperature, which dilates the blood vessels and boost circulation and blood flow. The hot water can help relax tensed muscles and joints and provide you a deep sense of relaxation and pain relief. There are many different models of hot tubs that differ in both design and performance. To make the most of your soothing warm baths you need to choose a hot tub that is designed to deliver all the amazing benefits of hydrotherapy. Before you make a purchase here are some essential feature to keep in mind.

Number of Seats

The first thing to consider when comparing different models of hot tubs is what tub size will best suit your specific needs. If you need one that provides basic accommodation then a 3 person hot tub model can be the ideal choice for you. Due to its practical design, a 3 person hot tub provides comfortable accommodation for enjoying in a soothing hydrotherapy session. Plus, its easy to install and requires less maintenance than larger hot tubs. If you have a large family or maybe you want to use the hot tub for entraining friends, then a larger model might be just the thing you're looking for. Larger models can easily accommodated up to 10 people and some models have an even greater capacity. However, it important to mention that a large hot tub is more difficult to install than small models, plus it requires regular maintenance.

Massage Jets

Most models of hot tubs consist of a two areas: one for swimming and one for hydrotherapy. The spa area where one can have a relaxing hydrotherapy session features modern massage jets. They are designed to deliver a relaxing massage to various parts of the body including back, shoulders, arms, legs and feet. The swim area would often include high flow jets that can make swimming all the more enjoyable.


Hot tubs need water and electricity to provide optimum performance. A large hot tub will naturally consume more electricity than a smaller one since it's designed to hold more water and to heat it up you will need to spent more power. To reduce your costs look for an energy efficient model that is made from quality mechanical parts that are easy to install and don't consume a lot of power. Also, make sure you choose a water pump that suits the size of your hot tub.


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