Network Hardware Basics

Network hardware is individual part of a network system responsible for transmitting data and helping the function of a computer network.

A network has many network hardware tools and hardware components. There are some basic categories that make the whole work of a network system.
Take a look at some of the many different categories and how they help for the function of a network system.

Network router – Network routers are networking hardwaretools or devices connected to many channels for different networks by interface placed on every network.
Generally the router is located next to the network layers, determining the way for data transfer. On that way, the router is working as a processing unit device for information data packets.
A network router duplicates the information packets used throughout the network transmission from one network to another. The router uses specific protocol to identify the information packets that will be routed to specific interface within the network.
There are different types of network routers performing different functions depending on the network system requirements.

Network interface card – These cards are used to connect each and every computer to the network in order to communicate with the router and to be able to receive information packets. The network intraface cards determine the infrastructure of LAN – local area network and allow every computer to connect with the network. As with the network routers, there are many types of network interface cards that are different.

Network switches - Network switches have many ports for copying information from one to another port. The work on the same way as the network routers, they copy information form one network to another. They also work on the same way within the layers of a particular network, checking the frame before determining the port wherein the frame should be copied.

Network bridge – Network bridge is a device splitting the traffic on a LAN by separating it into many different parts. They work within the network layers and control the data crossing barriers from one LAN to another.

These are some of the networking tools and components. Hope that this article will be helpful and you will learn something more about network hardware basics and some of the network hardware tools. 


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