Routine Maintenance – Key To Car Longevity

Are you car aware? And I don't mean cruising around town with the windows down and 'Blurred Lines' blaring on the radio. Nor do I refer to throwing out chewing gum wrappers, paper coffee cups, occasional dusting and vacuuming. Well, of course, cleaning your car is fundamental part of proper car care, but what I'm trying to pinpoint here is a routine maintenance and regular log book service. How often do you inspect your vehicle to ensure everything is working properly? Or do you shower your car with ancillary attention only when a car repair is needed?

Did you know that routine maintenance and book service are key to car longevity? Doing regular car checks will not only lower safety risks, increase car dependability and boost its performance, but will also help you avoid major car repair and save you money in the long run. Neglecting your vehicle and skipping log book service will not give you the expected return on your largest or at least one of your largest investments. Here are few tips that will help you familiarize yourself with your car.

  • Always check engine oil and transmission fluid as they lubricate and protect various car components. Do not forget to check brake fluid and windshield solvent as well.
  • To avoid major collision and costly car repair, always check the wipers, head and signal lights before you sit behind the wheel. Make sure you can clearly see everything and everyone on the road and ensure you can be seen.
  • Before you drive off, leave the car running for few minutes so you can check the HVAC system. Make sure you have an auto mechanic examine it every time you take your car for a book service.
  • Examine the tires for pressure and possible wear and tear. Make sure the tires are inflated to the recommended level. Also, look for uneven wear, cracks, cuts and/or blisters as the tires are important part of car safety as they support its weight, engine and diminish the effects of road friction.
  • Check the battery and brakes to ensure complete road safety and enjoyable drive.
  • Schedule log book service if you suspect anything. Early detection and sanitizing a problem in time will surely help you avoid costly car repair.

Preventive maintenance is essential in prolonging the life of your vehicle, ensuring comfort and lowering safety risks. It will save you money and help you move ahead and keep your valuable investment on the road longer.


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