How To Change Oil

Engine oil is definitely one of the essential oils that help the engine to work properly at all time. Oppose to the other fluids, regular changing of the engine one is very important since it helps to lubricate the engine, absorb heat, and help all moving parts of the car to work perfectly fine. Follow our tips on how to change engine oil by yourself instead of calling your car mechanic every time you need to do that.

Before you start, let the car warm up for few minutes until oil gets hot and drains out at a faster rate. After you warmed the car up, you will need to go under the car to locate the oil drain plug. You will need to unscrew the oil plug so that oil drains in the oil pan. Since some cars don't have space to go under, you will have to jack the car and use jack stands to support the front part and secure the car so no accidents happen.

Locate the drain plug and if you have difficulties doing that, just check your owner's manual to know exactly where to look at. After locating the plug, put an oil pan under it so that the oil can drain out in the pan. What you will need when opening the drain plug is a socket wrench that will help you loosen the nut. To avoid oil stains it is recommendable to position cardboard and container under the oil pan.

What you need to do next is to unscrew the engine oil cap and to remove the drain plug using the proper sized wrench and be careful not to get burned from the hot oil that comes out of the pan. You might get dirty hands from the oil, so have a cloth to clean with, since it can be messy a little bit. Leave the oil drain for few minutes, clean the drain plug and replace it back. Use a proper wrench to make sure you tighten it pretty well.

After you finished with the drain plug, next you need to locate and unscrew the oil filter that should be found above the drain plug. Since the oil filter gathers all the excess sludge and grime, it needs to be lubricated well so that the engine works in the right way. Once you have lubricated the O-ring with new oil, install a new oil filter. Then use oil funnel when changing the old oil with new one and re-cap, and never forget to check exactly what type of oil is recommended for your car. You can check that in your owner's manual or consult with a good carmechanic in Melbourne . Leave your car run for few minutes in order to inspect oil level with dipstick and check for leaks. Replace the fill cap and leave your car work for few minutes as to be sure that oil pressure light goes off.

Changing the engine oil can be time consuming and messy, so if you have no time to work around the car, find a good car mechanic in Melbourne to get the job done in time.


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