Importance Of Good And Regular CPAP Cleaning

Besides a high quality CPAP mask, an important part of the CPAP therapy is to ensure your CPAP mask and CPAP mask parts are clean and sterile. This is not only important for your health because germs can hide inside the mask and the CPAP mask parts, but is also important for your budget. CPAP devices, CPAP mask parts and other CPAP accessories last longer if properly maintained.
CPAP therapy is not familiar to all, so the cleaning CPAP options are relatively new field for CPAP users. Many of them use mild dish detergents and water to clean CPAP masks and its parts, but recently as education about the importance of clean and sterile CPAP devices has increased, the cleaning options have increased too.
In order to keep your masks and CPAP mask parts clean, read below to see the most easy and appropriate ways to clean your CPAP products.

  • Clean Your CPAP With Household Supplies – Nowadays, there are plenty of options when it comes to cleaning your CPAP devices, but one of the most easy and quick way to do it (in case you do not have a special CPAP cleaning product) is to clean them with household products. The 2 most popular household products for CPAP cleaning are a diluted white vinegar or mild dish soap.
    Both have disinfectant components, which are necessary for CPAP cleaning and keeping the CPAP supplies sterile and clean from bacteria and germs. This is the most easy, quick and inexpensive way for CPAP cleaning.
  • Special CPAP Cleaning Products – Nowadays, there are many CPAP cleaning lines designed for cleaning your CPAP masks and CPAP mask parts. The two most popular CPAP cleaning lines are Viraclean products by Whiteley corporation and Citrus II by Beaumont Products. These products will clean and sterilize your CPAP products keeping them free from bacteria and toxins. You can find these and many other CPAP cleaning products online available in some reputable CPAP company.
  • Regular CPAP cleaning – Cleaning your products with appropriate CPAP products is essential, but cleaning them on a regular basis is another important thing. So, if you want to have a perfectly working CPAP machine, you need to clean it on a regular basis, according to the manufacturers specifications. This will not only prolong the life of the CPAP device, but will also save you time and money. 


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