Advantages Of Bipap Macine

Looking for a solution, that will enable a good night sleep. People that are diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, find bipap machine quite useful, especially those that have congestive heart failure or other serious heart diseases. The bipap machine also known as bi-level, provides higher positive airway pressure when the patient inhales, and lower pressure when exhaling. Lack of oxygen in the brain cause the patient to cough, choke, and restart the breathing cycle multiple times in the night. However, that minute when the patient stops breathing, the bipap machine will increase the pressure and force enough air to breath normal again. Before you shop for a positive pressure device, make sure you know the advantages of using the bipap machine. Read the following ones, we have listed bellow.

  • Bipap machine oppose to cpap one, reduces the pressure when the patient breathes out and acquires less effort to exhale against the incoming air stream. That means that the bipap machine does not have a fixed amount of pressure, but it varies depending on the patient’s needs.
  • Patients choose to go with bipap machine due to its small design able to fit your nightstand. This is especially an advantage when you decide to travel and need to carry your bipap machine with you.
  • Beside being small in design, the bipap machine is also ideal for people that can not get used to the noise other machines produce. The bipap machine works quietly and does not disturb your sleep. The bipap machine is not loud at all as it is designed to produce less noise as possible.
  • With the inclusion of a humidifier, the bipap machine becomes better choice than the cpap machine, simple because it makes the breathing easier and demands less effort than the cpap one.
  • Definitely one of the things that stands out bipap machine from the rest designs is the fact that it uses the same setup as the cpap, but different setting. These pressures are known as inhalation pressure (IPAP) and exhalation pressure (EPAP).
  • Patients that use bipap machine feel less drowsy and far more productive during the day than using other machines. Even the memory skills and the concentration are on a higher level than before starting to use the bipap machine.


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