Friday, February 12, 2016

Keep The Soil Cool With Ground Covers Australia

It is well known that plants usually require a great amount of sunlight, but the direct exposure of the sun can be harmful, especially during the summer days when temperatures are extremely high. During this period of the year, the sun causes the soil to heats up very fast. This high level of heat in the soil dries out the surface roots and leads to death. So, if this is the issue you are dealing with  constantly, there is one way to help you keep the situation under control. Consider to cover the top of the soil.

When we say cover, we think of nature's own living cover. We conjure up images of Native pigface (Carpobrotus Rossii), Blue chalk sticks (Senecio serpens), Juniperus 'Old Gold' and a lot of other ground covers Australia nursery specialist have in their range. Ground covers are type of plants that grow over an area of ground. These plants provide great protection from drought and erosion, retain moisture, prevent weed growth and keep the soil cool.

When looking to find the right ground covers for your garden, it is worth to spend a quality amount of time so you can make this job right. Consider the place where ground covers will be planted. If you plant them under trees, make sure they are shade tolerant. Consider the look as well. If you want your garden to look beautiful, make sure you make the right pairing of ground covers and other plants. For instance, native ground covers will look great in a largely native garden but may look strange amongst flowery plants. Here are few suggestions of ground covers Australia nursery specialists shared.

Carpobrotus Rossii ( Native Pigface) – This ground cover is a succulent type of plant with dark green, triangular shaped leaves. Because of the beautiful colour of their flowers that may vary from mauve to bright purple, these plants are one of the favourites among the homeowners. With 3m width and 20cm height, Carpobrotus Rossii plants are blooming in spring and summer. They are doing well in most conditions and soil types, but however, the most appropriate are well-drained soil and open sunny areas.

Senecio serpens (Blue Chalk Sticks) – With these plants you will be able to enjoy their beautiful blue-green colour during the whole year. Senecio serpens are evergreen succulent plants with cylindrical leaves and beautiful white flowers that are blooming only in summer time. The most appropriate conditions for these ground covers are well-drained soil and full sunny to partly shaded position. They are sensitive to frost but still can tolerate a range of various conditions. Growing to the width of 60-90cm and height of 15-30cm.

Juniperus 'All Gold' (Juniper 'Old Gold') – Its deep bronze-yellow leaves makes it a popular choice of ground cover among the many homeowners. This plant is a compact evergreen conifer with small ascending branches. Since it's evergreen type of plant, you will be able to enjoy its beautiful yellow colour during the whole year round. It grows in any full sun, partial shade areas and well-drained soil to 1-2m wide and 50cm height.

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