Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Reviewing The Best Financial Calculators

Numbers are all around us. Regardless you are a business owner or economic student, owning a financial calculator is a must device. Financial calculators are the most required tools, but they also can be an expensive investment since their price can range from $30 to $100+. However, choosing the right financial calculator for your needs is essential. The device should be able to provide you with a wide range of different functions that will help you with all of your calculations like interest rate, loan payments, cash flow, etc. Because you can find financial calculators in an endless range, to ease your decision we choose some of the best available on the market.

HP 10BII financial calculator – Although it has over one hundred math and business applications, these financial calculator is still moderately priced. It handles all basic financial functions, but the biggest advantage of this model is its linear regression, statistical analysis of mean and weighted mean functions. We said advantage because these are functions that can be found in high priced calculators, but rarely in some low priced devices.

HP 12c financial calculator – HP 12c is considered as one of the easiest calculators to use. It's a perfect companion to your productivity since its large layout of buttons makes it easy to use, especially when searching for function buttons. Its large display provides large LCD numbers what makes it easy to read. Some people consider this as advantages other consider as an issue because there are some models of financial calculators that feature two-line display.

HP 17bII+ financial calculator – Remember the two-line display we mentioned above? Here it is. HP 17bII+ is a financial calculator that will provide you with more than 250 statistics and finance functions that are easy to read. When the first time you buy this calculator, you will need some time to figure out how to input different functions. Once you learn this, you will use this device with an ease.

Texas instrumental BAII plus professional calculator – Definitely one of the best calculators on a budget. It features a lot of financial functions that can help you solve from the most simple to the most complex financial issues like cash flow, amortization and more. The best characteristic of this calculator is its logarithm and trigonometric functions. It well know that economic students benefit greatly from this functions and this model of calculator.

Texas instrumental BAII plus scientific/business calculator – This is less expensive version of the previous model, but is still equipped with the most important functions. It features finance functions like bonds, amortization, depreciation, cash flow and more. This calculator is designed to do all the needed basics at a budged price.

Did you own some of this financial calculators? If you don't, which one is your pick? All these models are not hard to find financial calculators retailers usually offer them as a part of their wide range. So, if you find the right retailer, without much effort you will have one of the best financial calculators for a reasonable price.

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