Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Meditation Cushions For Better Posture

Besides the ability to concentrate on one thing , which is the main point of meditation, the second main thing that's so important in yoga is managing to keep the right posture. That's how Gisele Bundchen keeps her amazing body in shape: yoga till you start sweating like a pig! And if you think that keeping a good posture for an hour or so is easy, you obviously haven't tried it. It's not comfortable at all, especially if you're sitting on a sturdy surface. And just imagine how hard would it be to maintain a head standing position on the floor; your arms would go numb in seconds (because lets face it: you probably aren't exactly the most muscular type) and you'd feel so sore the next few minutes. That way you're definitely not keeping your concentration in place, and definitely not developing love for yoga. For what it matters, you can only start hating the whole experience and give up on the peace of mind meditation brings.
No worries though, there's something you can do to avoid all that unpleasancy: meditation cushions.

There are number of meditation cushions online stores that offer so many various types of meditation cushions; the hard part is to pick one. Here's what you need to know:

What exactly are meditation cushions?

As their name says, they're cushions for sitting on. The vast offer of meditation cushions online includes ones in rectangular and those in circular form, also known as zabuton and zafu cushions. These are filled with either foam padding or styrofoam beads. Plus, you can find them in a large range of colours.

How to find it?

There is a large number of brick and mortar stores where you can find a lot of yoga equipment elements. Moreover, you can do your research of meditation cushions online retailers and make your purchase from the comfort of your home; nothing more convenient.

Why should you get one?

As someone who loves doing yoga, you should know that trying to concentrate while sitting on the floor is practically impossible; the back start hurting you, your but becomes numb and you stop feeling your legs. And here's your reason; sitting on a large, soft cushion designed especially for meditation purposes eliminates all those distractions.

Finally, your posture.

Now that we've established that cushions are amazing for a lot of aspects in yoga, let's see how your posture will actually benefit from it. The goal in meditation is to be able to choose and maintain the right position, or, to be more precise, for the chin, neck, tail bone and shoulders to be in direct vertical line. And since that position is everything but easy to keep, a good cushion is more then helpful; it makes sitting in that position for a longer time period a lot, lot easier.

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