Monday, April 11, 2016

Planning and Packing: Moving Into a New House

Nothing can be more thrilling than moving. Moving into a new home or even new place brings enthusiasm and positive vibes in a family, especially when it comes to choosing some new furniture pieces, the new outdoor furniture or even the colour of your walls.
Personally, I find all these things thrilling, but what I don't want to do is to pick and pack. The smartest thing I've done when I moved to our new home was to hire local furniture movers as they have the right equipment and tools to pick and pack all of your things. Be it books, magazines, antique pieces, China vases, secure safe, pianos, pool tables, or furniture and mattresses, they can move anything with ease and in no time.
If you plan to hire professional local furniture movers, have a look at my tips you need to pay attention.

Purge Your Closet

Before the movers come to your place, make sure you go through all your stuff and get rid of the unneeded items first.

Organize Your Things According To Your New Home

If you leave everything to the movers, they will pick and pack things in boxes and mark it with the name of the room, So for example, if you have boxes with summer cloth in the basement, it is more than certain that they will end up in the same place in your new house, and with the whole moving process you will surely forget about them. Instead, organize your things, and group similar things together in your current house in order to find them faster in your new home.

Designate A No-Pack Zone

Before moving, agree with the movers on a no-pack zone (a spot like the bathtub for example) where you can put the things you want to take with you. For example, you can pack a suitcase with some personal stuff like overnight essentials, shoes, cosmetic products, documents, etc.)

Talk With Your Movers

If you want some things to be loaded last and unloaded first, don't be afraid to share this request with your movers.

Bottom line, hire professional movers to pick and pack your stuff carefully and professionally in no time. Save yourself the trouble to that on your own, and prepare only for the easiest part of the job – unpack, decorate your home and treat yourself with a nice glass of wine at the end of the day.  

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