Thursday, April 7, 2016

Things to Consider When Adding a Fire Pit

A fire pit can give any backyard a unique and warm atmosphere. Is is a very practical and convenient accessory that will make your backyard a comfortable outdoor space, even during autumn and winter. Nowadays fire pits are widely used and on the market there are a range of options available, in terms of design, material, position, etc. Online and offline shops offer a wide selection of fire pit designs that have different features and uses. You can also find special offers that offer high-quality at a lower price. 

Adding small cheap fire pits is a great alternative to expensive outdoor fireplaces. Setting up a small fire pit will cost somewhere around $100, meaning that you can give your backyard a makeover for a small price. 


The first thing to take into consideration is the position of your fire pit and the surface where you are going to place it. Your fire pit should not be place close to your house or your neighbours' yards. Also some communities have predefined rules and require special inspection before adding a fire pit.
Fire pits are usually placed on natural surfaces like stone, brick, concrete, etc. Fire-resistant surfaces are also available and are a particular and efficient choice when adding a fire pit.

You can go for a permanent, built-in or a portable fire pit. Permanent fire pits are great for spacious backyards and gardens. You can assemble and set up the fire pit yourself. When doing this consider leaving a seating space around it. However you can also hire a professional who will make a stylish built-in design for your fire pit.

You can also find portable and cheap fire pits that are perfect for small backyards and very practical. This type of fire pit is great for camping as well, offering storage and easy transportation. There are various style options for portable fire pits. You can choose from a variety of fire bowl materials. A lighter option are stainless steel or copper bowls, however iron bowls although heavier are also a great option. Fire tables are a popular choice as well. You can also go for the chimney-style. The standard material for chimineas is clay but copper and steel chimineas are a great choice as well.

There are different types of fuels you can choose for the fire pit, although gas or wood are the most commonly used. Whatever fuel you choose the look of a warm and cosy fire pit will certainly provide a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for your friends and family

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