Thursday, May 19, 2016

Custom Made Vertical Blinds Vs. Ready Made

Blinds are a perfect addition to any home. They will fill the place with style while offering you a high level of privacy. Coming with a wide range of colours, designs, and types, finding your perfect match is easy, but still there is one big decision in front of you? Custom-made or ready made blinds? There is a big discussion for custom-made and ready-made blinds about which of two is the better option. In this article we will clarify some things for you, so you can make the decision on your own. 

Price – Ready made blinds are cheaper and as we all know, the price can say a lot about the quality of a given product. Most of them come made from oversee which means the standards of the manufacturers are a lot different from those in Australia. Also, the price for ready made blinds it refers only for the blind and does not include warranty and installation. Custom made vertical blinds are more expensive but come with Australian standard for quality, safety, fire resistant, etc. Buying a custom-made blind is an investment in Australian economy system and the price you will pay includes installation and warranty for the years to come.

Installation – Ready made blinds are easy to install. If you feel a little bit handy you can try to install them on your own, but one small mistake can be costly since you can easily damage the wall or the blind itself. On the other hand, custom-made blinds are even easier to install because you do not have to do anything. How? Because in the price you will receive installation services from professionals and your job would be just to sit down and watch.

Quality – Cheap products use cheap materials. This means that these blinds come with poor quality and short life span. So, before making a purchase, think about how long you want these blinds to serve your home before change them with new ones. When it comes to custom-made there is just quality, more quality, and the best quality. So regardless of which category you will make your purchase you will receive nothing else but quality and products that will last for long years. Some of the fabrics used in custom made vertical blinds come with a 10 years guarantee so is there any need for saying something else.

Presentation – Presentation is very important and plays essential role in the entire atmosphere. Ready made blinds come in standard sizes so they can easily break the atmosphere if they come too big or too small to fit the windows. The range of sizes, colours, and fabrics in ready made blinds are limited. One of the reasons custom-made blinds are invented is the presentation. They fit just perfectly in the window and make the whole space look amazing. The endless range of colours and materials makes them perfect for any style and taste.

Advice – When buying ready made blinds all you need is walk straight into the store, make your choice, pay and go home. You can ask the sells man for advice and hope he has the knowledge to give you the right advice for the product. When cooperating with custom-made blinds company you will receive quality products, customer services, and professional advice. Have you made a decision yet?

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