Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Home Decorating This Winter

Welcome the winter season prepared and with a new and cozier look of your living room where you'll enjoy many hours chatting with your hubby and drinking hot tea with your closest friends. We all need a positive change from time to time right, whether it's our hairstyle, new pieces of clothing, maybe a jeep instead of a car, etc. But what about your living space, are you ready to change the current d├ęcor and to give your home a totally new look for the upcoming winter? If you answered yes, then the following ideas will make you appreciate your home even more and will help you create a warm atmosphere every time you come back exhausted from work, or when your family comes to visit.

It is never late!

If the monotonous colour of the walls is what you want to start at, then do not wait anymore, put yourself into action and make a positive change. The easiest, simplest and cost-effective way is to use wallpapers with your favorite design of the many available on the market. You can quickly add interest and rustic charm to your plain wall by installing a realistic brick wallpaper on the wall above the fireplace or on one of the walls in your dining area and pretend like you are sitting in an old pub drinking beer and listening to your favourite song. But realistic brick wallpaper is not the only one that can add a rustic charm to your living space. There is an endless number of many modern designs that you may find inspiring, interesting and inviting. So, make up your mind and make a change!

Rearrange your furniture

This idea is something you should do at the start of every season. Why? Because it is the easiest and the fastest way of change. Because winter is always associated with warmth and coziness, you surely want your room to look more inviting by creating a bigger space. For that reason, we suggest you to arrange all your furniture items in a circle so that they face each other. But that is not all, here is another method that will add a feeling of warmth to your room during the cold winter months; purchase oriental rugs (unless you don't have any) or rugs made from wool. By doing so, not only that you'll add a warm glow to your living room while the snow is gently falling outside but your feet will benefit as well.

Light candles

Talking about candles it is good to say that they were, are and will always be a symbol of warmth. The best way to spice up your living room is to light a few candles here and there in your living room. To enjoy more in the silence of the night it is good to keep all your lights off. The best thing about candles is that they don't cost a lot and can be purchased in many outlets, from online retailers, or you can simply find and buy some in a nearby gift shop.

Lift the appearance of your room

Here is another extra tip you might find inviting for the upcoming winter. Fill your room with as many soft fabrics and rich materials as possible. Blankets and sofa covers made of wool, velvet and fleece will add an instant feel of warmth while you watch a football match with your hubby or when you simply want to roll yourself in a blanket when the temperature outside goes below zero.  

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