Sunday, July 10, 2016

Australian Deciduous Trees: Types & Benefits

It is true that outdoor furniture and decorative elements play a great role in creating a comfortable outdoor space, but your garden can look empty and dull without a large tree. Trees, especially the Australians deciduous trees, are an effective way to create an appealing and comfortable garden and they create an amazing shade, which is so much needed during the summer when the sun is too hot. Furthermore, these native trees can suit a range of applications in the urban environment and are often strong in different conditions, depending on the species.


What are Australian Deciduous Trees?

Deciduous trees are one of the most beautiful elements you can add to your home landscape. They range in form, size, colour and add vibrant blooms in spring and summer and colourful foliage in fall, which drop before the trees go to sleep for the winter. Nowadays, you can easily shop for these trees in online stores, which generally offer a great variety of Australiandeciduous trees for you to choose from.

Types of Australian Deciduous Trees

Bellow are the most common types of these trees.

1. Australian Red Cedar

This a classic deciduous tree that flourishes with bronze-red foliage in late spring and sheds its leaves in winter. It was a few years ago one of the most popular deciduous trees, but unfortunately, it is becoming quite hard to find lately. In case you find one to buy, keep in mind that you will need some room to grow it as this type can reach up to 35m high.

2. White Cedar

This is the white version of the cedar tree. It belongs to the mahogany family and produces yellow fruits which are not suitable for human consumption but birds are safe to eat them. These fruits remain on the tree long after the tree has defoliated. This tree is originated from the eastern seaboard and can reach up to 20m high. Due to its fast-growing habit, it is highly popular among homeowners.

3. Tanglefoot Beech

Although it is considered a low-grower deciduous tree, it can still grow to 5m. It is a traditional style of deciduous tree that has foliage changing shade to hues of oranges, yellows and reds mid-autumn which sheds completely at the beginning of winter.

Benefits of Planting Australian Deciduous Trees

There is a vast selection of these trees for you to choose from, which all offer shade in summer and allow sunlight in the colder months.
Deciduous trees can be a greater protection from bad weather conditions as they slow down the wind in case of storms.
They have the power to keep your outdoor space colder in hot weather and warmer in cold months.
During summer, they can be a great shelter from the harmful UV sun rays.  

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