Manuka Honey – How To Buy The Real Deal

What Is Manuka Honey?

If you are looking for high quality honey for you and your family, then look no further than Manuka honey. Manuka honey comes from bees visiting the flowers of the New Zealand popular manuka plant (tree), which is its native specie. It has been found that some of this honey contains extra antibacterial properties above the benefits from any other honey.

What Is So Special About Manuka Honey?

As we mentioned, Manuka honey is unique species of New Zealand and a natural remedy. It is the only honey that has correct academic research to support it. The benefits of consuming Manuka honey are huge. It has been proven that helps with digestive disorders, leg ulcers, peptic ulcers, wound treatments and so on. All honeys have hydrogen peroxide in it that provides a level of activity. But this cane be affected by other enzymes found in the body tissues, so it is not stable and can reduce over time. However, many Manuka honeys contain a non-peroxide antibacterial property named as “unique manuka factor” that is not affected by other enzymes.

Australian Manuka Honey

The Australian Manuka Honey comes from bees that feed on the native Australian Manuka plant. The Australian Manuka plant or also known as “Jelly Bush” is a little different form the New Zealand, but the honey has the same levels of non-peroxide activity, so it has the same active manuka factor.You can choose between mild Manuka honey 5+ for daily use, 15+ stronger dose and Manuka honey 20+ active manuka power.

Why Choose Manuka Honey 20+

  • Manuka honey 20+ can be used for healing cwounds, cuts and fungal conditions.
  • It can ease sore throat.
  • Increase the antioxidant intake by using Manuka honey 20+ on a daily basis.
  • Manuka honey 20+ helps to reduce inflammation and maintain better well-being.
  • It can improve your digestive health.

The Manuka honey 20+ has strong flavour and can be consumed daily to support the digestive system and overall well-being.

How To Be Sure You Get What You Are Paying For?

Recently, studies have shown that we actually bought more manuka honey than it was harvested. But, how is this possible? The answer is simple – presenting other types of honey as manuka honey.
To understand if the honey is manuka or not, look for UMF (unique manuka factor) mark on the jar.
Genuine UMF Manuka honey has to comply with the next five following criteria:

  • UMF must be stated on the front label.
  • Must be from New Zealanad or Australia Company licensed by UMFHA in order to use the name UMF.
  • Must be packed in jars and labeled New Zealand or Australia.
  • Must have UMF rating 5+ or more.
  • Must have the UMF licensee's name on the front label.


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