The Movie Faith Like Potatoes - A True And Extraordinary Story

If you are looking for a movie with a true and extraordinary story, don't look further than the movie Faith Like Potatoes. This movie is definitely a must-see for every Christian teenager and adult. This movie is not a fictional story, but a real South African autobiographical movie telling a real story of a white racist farmer who turned into an evangelist. Based on a book of Angus Buchan, who is one of the most influential Christian men in South Africa, the movie Faith Like Potatoes has become widely popular.

The book was published in 1998, while the drama movie Faith Like Potatoes was produced in 2006 by Frans Cronje, Global Creative Studios. The main characters in Faith Like Potatoes are played by Sean Michael Cameron, Frank Rautenbach, Hamilton Ghlamini and Jeanne Wilhelm. The focus of the movie is on Frank Rautenbach, who portrays the Zambian white racist farmer Angus Buchan. Since his life in Zambia is falling apart, he moves to South Africa along with his family.

What pulled the trigger to move out of Zambia is when a black driver almost causes an accident and Angus beats him up. Angus is a stubborn character who used to beat his workers if they were not working properly, but soon he realized that nothing makes sense in Zambia. Therefore, he took his pregnant wife Jill and his three children and moved in South Africa where they started a new life. But his new life forces him to work very hard, which has consequences.

The overwhelming obstacles start eating the soul of Angus, so his wife Jill suddenly decides to take him to a breakfast in the local church. Surprisingly, Angus there finds some peace and his life is taking a different turn. His faith in God is boosted and the Gospel is touching his soul very deeply. The twist of the movie is when a black girl gets hit by a lighting and the white racist farmer starts praying for her salvation. Since the girl has came back to life, Angus is encouraged to rent a place and hold a crusade, but his idea is not well supported by the local clergy.

With strong conversations and breathtaking scenes, the movie Faith Like Potatoes is a true masterpiece, the director Regardt van den Bergh has played its part perfectly, as well as the actors. Transmitting a message that can definitely boost your faith in God, the movie Faith Like Potatoes deserves to be watched by as wide audience as possible.


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