Sunday, June 21, 2015

5 Factors That Make a Quality Protein Powder

Opinions are divided when it comes to deciding which protein powder supplement is the most beneficial for healthy active lifestyle. Some would say that it is the casein protein that will do wonders for your muscles while others would argue that the most quality protein powder is the vegan one.

In matters of taste and personal choice, there can be no disputes, it is the quality of the protein powder that really matters. Hence the question what makes a protein powder quality? In fact there are five factors that make a quality protein powder. Here's what to keep an eye on when deciding which protein powder supplement to select.

  • Content Of Nutrients – Knowing the nutritional profile of the protein powder you use is vital for satisfying your exact needs and suiting it to type of workout you perform. For example, a protein powder lacking in sufficient level of iron, B12 or zinc will be of no big use for you if these are the nutrients your body really needs. For this reason make sure that the supplement contains everything your body needs.
  • Digestibility – One of the main features that make a quality protein supplement is the how it is digested and absorbed in your blood. Some protein supplements absorb quickly and some slowly. Also there are proteins that do not get absorbed completely. In this term speed of digestibility is what you need to get informed about.
  • Amino Acid Profile – Due to the fact that proteins are consisted of amino acids, there's no doubt that their profile is what influences the quality significantly. This is a segment that is directly associated with the nutritional value of the protein powder supplement. And the nutritional value on the other side, determines how well or poorly the supplement will be used in the body. 
  • Antioxidants – These essential nutrients have an important role for every athlete's nutrition. It has been proven that antioxidants are vital for reducing the impact of the increased oxidative stress which is caused by intensive workout. There are antioxidants that can't be taken in sufficient amount through diet This is a reason why most of the protein powder supplement types come with antioxidants added, which of course impacts their quality. 
  • Body Impact – How a given supplement impacts your body is what also matters. A quality protein powder supplement is the one that doesn't have any negative effects on your blood sugar level, appetite or weight control. After all, who needs something that causes more bad than good for the body? Thereby, stick to quality not to quantity or price. 

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