Friday, June 12, 2015

Converting From An Electric Cooktop To Gas

If you have realized the many advantages that cooktops on gas have electricity and induction and want to convert your existing cooktop to gas, then you have come to the right place. You still may not be sure of the steps of the whole process and may have many questions, so we are here to offer you some of the answers.

Why Choose Gas Cooktops?

Many chefs and casual home cooks choose cooktops on gas and one of the main reasons for that is to have a greater control over their cooking. Cooktops on gas have many advantages, they heat up and cool down more quickly and once you turn the knob to a certain temperature, they achieve it instantly. With cooktops on gas, you can literary increase or decrease the flame and this makes it easier for you to monitor and control the heat at which you cook. Moreover, gas is way cheaper, more energy efficient and ecological.


The first thing you should do is check whether your kitchen has a gas hook-up and electrical points. After you make sure it has, converting to gas should be easy. What you need to do is just find a gas cooktop that will fit in the space that your old cooktop occupied.

Gas Line

If there are no gas hook-ups in your home but you are supplied with natural gas for heating, then it is possible to extend the line to your kitchen. However, keep in mind that this must be done by a licensed fitter and that the cost will depend on how far the gas line will have to run.

A New Gas Line

Even if you do not have a gas supply to your home, there is no room to panic because it is still possible to convert your old cooktop to a gas cooktop. Provided that gas is available in your area, you can arrange to have the gas mains extended to you. This can be done easier and cheaper than you think.

Electrical Requirements

Nowadays, most cooktops on gas have electric ignitions rather than a continuously burning pilot light which saves up to 40% gas. This means that you will still need a small amount of electricity to run your gas cooktop, but you will be able to use this existing electrical wire from the circuit breaker panel to the cooktop location.

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