The Book PDL Is A Life Transforming Guide

The bestseller book PDL was written by Dr. Rick Warren, who is a pastor, philanthropist, theologian and global strategist. He runs a ministry that is so influential today, that it was described by Forbes magazine as similar to  Dell, Google or Starbucks in terms of impact.  Saddleback Church is founded by pastor Warren together with another family back in 1980. Today, this church is among the largest and best-known in the world and America, and its influence counts approximately 22000 weekly attendees and nearly 300 community ministries that offer help and support to entire families, single parents, people with HIV/AIDS and homeless people.

The book PDL's main goal is to explain that every one of us has a purpose on Earth. God made a plan and the fact that we live today means that we are part of that plan, so saying that living is pointless, is just wrong. The book PDL is written in 40 clear chapters that guide the reader through the explanation Warren gives on the purpose of life. The style of the author is concise and simple, which makes the book easy to read. Mainly described as a guide to inner peace, this book offers improvement in the  spiritual lives of people.

The book PDL is rated as the second most influential book ever, after the Bible, so it represents a tool for many church leaders and pastors around the world that teach God's words. The book serves as guidance to them as well, explaining that church leaders and pastors should teach the Bible according to God's purposes rather than teaching their own understanding of the matter.

Sold in more than 30 million copies, the book PDL talks about the importance of friendship, worship, spiritual service and growth, and answers three main questions that trouble modern people today: the question of existence: Why am I alive? , the question of significance: Does my life matter? , the question of purpose: What on earth am I here for?

If you are troubled by these questions, and believe your life has no purpose nor meaning, you should try and read this book. It will give you peace and will allow you to continue your life with meaning.


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