Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Australian Shiraz Wine Vs. Syrah

If you are looking for some new beverage that can complement in your list, we are strongly recommending the Australian Shiraz wine. Although known as Syrah, Shiraz is easy to grow grape and produces wines designed for all wine connoisseurs tastes. You can find it as a fresh, easy-drinking and intense, as well as full-bodied and extremely concentrated wine.

Because of its delightful mouth-taste, its deep red colour, violet, peppery and spicy flavours, Syrah or like its called in Australia Shiraz is the most broadly planted grape around the world, but Australia, France (Rhône Valley) and Washington are the foremost growing regions. Whether you call it Shiraz or Syrah, this complex grape produces the most delicious and easy drinking red wines in the world that can be combined with almost any food.

What Are The Difference Between The Australian Shiraz wine And Syrah? 

The Grape

The most important thing you need to know is that both Australian Shiraz wine and Syrah derive from the same grape varietal. In general, Syrah and Australian Shiraz wines are bold, full of flavours and full-bodied. However, the Australian Siraz and the Syrah range in the flavour profile, depending on the vineyard and wine growing region. Besides that, you should know that they also differ in the style of the wine because of the style of the winemaking process, as well as the soil.

Syrah Wine In Europe

The European countries that label their wines by varietal, use the name Syrah, while in France, the wines are labeled by region, so they are labeled as Syrah. Coming from the northern Rhône, Syrah wines are dense, deep coloured, savoury and peppery, as well as slightly perfumed thanks to the co-fermented Viognier in the blend. If left past optimal ripening stage, it can lose its aroma and acidity.

Australia And South Africa

Australia and South Africa are the only ones that use the term Shiraz. However, in the recent years  there was an attempt (a growing trend) to use Syrah instead of Shiraz for wines that are made in the Old World style, as they are less fruity and have floral aromas and medium tannin style, that is already seen in the classic French and European wines. The Shiraz story, begins in the early 1830 when James Busby - the so-called father of the Australian viticulture, traveled around Spain and France in order to find vine cuttings to plant in Australia. Today, in Australia are planted over 42,000 hectares with Shiraz grape.

Elsewhere In The World

In countries outside Australia, South Africa and Europe is used the term Syrah. When Shiraz is used, it means that the wine it's not made in the Old World style and is coming from Australia.

The Differences:

  • Syrah Flavours – Syrah wine is more complex than the Australian Shiraz wine. It has spicy, cherry, cassis, smoke, plum, and tar flavours. It is earthy, lively, acidic and has soft tannin.
  • Shiraz Flavours – Australian Shiraz wines are full bodied with intense fruit flavours of cherry, plum, blackberry, black spice, etc. 

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