Sunday, July 19, 2015

Why Majority Of Aussies Buy Sex Toys Online

It's safe to believe that  movies “Sex and the City” and  “50 Shades of Grey” took the taboo off of sex toys and their use for sexual expression. The very 'infamous' vibrator scene from 'Sex and the City', would make one believe that a modern woman of the 21st century would have no problem with owning a sex toy to pleasure herself  when she feels like it. And why would she have? Aren't we all thriving towards evolution, progress and success in our everyday lives? Aren't we all suppose to have what makes us feel satisfied and happy? I mean, just look at Christian Grey 's enviously large collection of sex toys in “50 shades of Grey”. And the man is filthy rich, desirable, powerful and highly educated. Moreover, have you entered a sex shop? The ones that are really devoted to luxury would put to shame even the best clothes stores in the world. So, if there is so much invested in making the experience with sex toys one-of-a-kind, why so many people decide to skip it and buy sex toys online?

When I ask women what do they think about owning a sex toy, the reaction I get in response is mainly a quiet giggle and a blushing face; it seems like we still haven't got to the phase when everyone talks freely of sex toys (and secretly I believe everyone wants to try something). However, a surprising 44 % of women between the age of 18 and 60 have tried some sort of sex toy in their lives. Did they all buy sex toys online? Apparently so. Entering a sex shop requires some guts, and if you have a partner, some imagination and compromise.

Going into a sex shop for the first time may be awkward and a little intimidating, mainly because you'll face all kinds of vibrators, cock rings, bondage toys and S&M sets you would never want your mother to know you're using. And then, if you decide to go alone, the thought of what your significant other may think of it also is scary. Plus, when the personnel that comes to serve you, (mainly some extremely gorgeous women or men) and asks what would you like, or even more frightening, what do you enjoy in, your mind will instantly get blocked and in no time you'll be rushing towards the exit. All these reasons seem to validate the claim of Aussies that it's better and easier to buy sex toys online rather than visiting a sex shop.

All in all, experimenting with sex toys definitely brings some spice into the relationship. Whether you decide to visit a sex shop, buy sex toys online, or just use a feather duster, his tie to tie him up, or a piece of ice for 'sensation foreplay' , it's always good (and healthy!) to go wild from time to time. It makes you closer to your partner, as knowing what thrills you and letting him know exactly what to do about it, is a game-changer in your sex life for good.

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