Thursday, November 19, 2015

Antique Shopping Tips

Many antiques can be found in vintage or antique shops. Shopping antiques can be an outstanding fun.  Australia is one of the best place for buying antiques, because mostly of the towns have antique shops. If you want to look for something unusual seems like Melbourne antique shop may be your top destination to find something you like. The rule, when shopping for antiques is to always bye items you're interested for. Keep in mind that you should not buy the cheapest items and think they are of a great value because in many cases, seems like they're not so valuable and profitable. You should be well informed about antiques you want to buy and keep your interest for a long time in order to have their meaning at your home, and not to put them in the basement to gather dust for generations. You can research antiques before buying, in malls, auctions, by visiting antique shops, and to get more information of a product you're interested in, you can read books and magazines especially for them. Otherwise you can shop online from reliable, specialized stores for antiques and save patient and money, hence find antiques on a very affordable price with high quality. The most important when shopping antiquates is not to present yourself as an inexpert, and get more knowledge for the quality items and prices. In addition to this here are some tips for shopping

1.Get an info and be ready 

First determine what you're going to buy and take some books, magazines or printed material with you to know what you've liked and look for it. Also is preferable to take a flashlight and measuring tape so you can see the dimensions of the item and also appraise the condition of it, right on place.

2.Look at the edges of the item 

For example, you're interested in wooden antique table. Ensure yourself is it truly an antique, by looking at the edges which seems to be perfect indicators for their antique value. Antique items have a worn look and there's no presence of brightness. The point is that the surface of a refinished item is smoother while unfinished items have more scratchy surface. Also if you can see dust, wax or oil  in the crevices of the wood than be sure that you found a real antique.

3.Appraise the craftsmanship

Pay attention on the design of the item and the way is crafted. If the antique items are hand made, then you'll be able to see nails instead of staples. Also look at the dovetail cuts, and see if they look  asymmetrically , if yes than it seems like you've found a real antique item. Keep in mind this if cuts are symmetrical, than there's a great possibility to be fake ( or machine -made).

4.Ask for a second opinion 

If you're a little concerned about the item, is it antique or not, ask for advice from someone who has more experience and knowledge in shopping antiques. People of Melbourne antique shop are liable to explain everything about antiques and share their opinions with you if you have any doubts for what to buy.

5.Appraise the seller

The seller could be the biggest indicator of knowing if the antiques are not fake and legitimate. Definitely there are many of them who would like to sell you antique, that actually isn't. So be careful and ask him/her to answer all your question before decide to purchase an antique.

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