Monday, November 9, 2015

Drinking Games For Couples To Play - Ride The Bus

Today, we are presenting you one of the best drinking games for couples to play with cards there is, known to the fun addicts as "Ride The Bus".
As one of the most popular drinking games for couples to play with cards, Ride The Bus is a must-try on your list. A deck of cards, a larger group of friends and a lot of alcohol is what this game requires. The dealer deals a card to the first (randomly chosen) player, who must say right away if the next card is higher or lower. To pass the higher/lower responsibility to the next player, he/she must guess three cards in a row (at least). For every wrong guess, the player takes a sip. For 5 incorrect guesses in a row, the player must “Ride The Bus”. The fun begins now. All cards are shuffled together and 5 are dealt face down on the table. Aces – 4 new cards, Kings – 3, Queens – 2 and Jacks – 1. All 5 cards are flipped over and if any face card is opened, the number of new cards are dealt face down and flipped over. This continues until no face cards are shown. The player takes a sip for every single card that has been dealt.

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