Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Don't Let Poor Lighting Cast a Shadow on Your Restaurant Ratings

Few things can ruin the ambience of a restaurant as poor lightning and as a restaurant owner you shouldn't let this cast a shadow on your ratings. Creating a great lighting design in your restaurant is much more than picking out stylish fittings that look the part. You would want something that complements the design of your restaurant and requires little maintenance. It's all about choosing top quality products that deliver efficient task and ambient lighting as well as enhance the customer experience. First things first, it's essential to consider the overall design and fit of the product and make sure it goes well with the overall design concept of your restaurant.

Don't hesitate to experiment and get creative because creating a unique and functional lighting design is all about thinking outside the box. Try to see your restaurant for a customer perspective and think what kind of ambience and illumination you would like to have while wining and dining. The right lights can make all the difference and completely transform the look of your restaurant creating a highly multifunctional space with an inviting and pleasant ambience that simply invites you to stay longer and come again. With its chic and compact design an oyster light fitting can be the ideal solution for such commercial spaces as restaurants, hotels and cafes.

Whether you want to completely change your lightning design or highlight the best features of the interior design of your restaurant, oyster light fittings can bring a touch of elegance and class to the space. These modern lights come in a variety of shapes, from classic round to chic square fittings, so you can easily find ones that best complement the design of your restaurant. But, as we mentioned before great lightning design is as much about the look of the lights as their efficiency. So, it's important to get the best bulbs for your oyster fittings that would further enhance their wonderful design and provide the desired amount of brightness.

Some of the best bulbs for both commercial and home use are LEDs. They consume a lot less energy then standard bulbs, such as fluorescent for instance, thus reducing your electricity bill costs. Made from recyclable materials LED lights contain no harmful chemicals, therefore are safe for the environment. Furthermore, these advanced bulbs are extremely durable and have a long operational life, so they can last you for years to come. An oyster light fitting usually comes with a LED bulb, so you get a top quality product that not only looks great, but provides efficient illumination for your entire restaurant.

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