Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Growing Fresh Produce in Urban Environment: Tips to Get You Started

When you're a city dweller having a luscious organic garden may seem like mission impossible. Limited outdoor space, or no space at all for that matter is the main obstacle that stands on the way to planting a garden in an urban area. While planting veggies and fruits in the city is certainly not as convenient as planting a garden in your large backyard, but it's far from impossible and it can even have some advantages. Since they make the best use of small spaces, urban gardens are usually much easier to maintain than a large garden and as a result won't take up a lot of your free time. Furthermore, you don't have to be a skilled gardener to start a small urban garden. Planting veggies and fruits in a spacious backyard is a different story altogether and in this case having a green thumb is usually the key to success. A task like preparing the soil in the backyard, for instance not only requires advanced gardening skills, but also some basic knowledge in fertilizers and pesticides.

On the other hand, planting crops in the city is usually done in outdoor modern planters, so you don't have to worry about things like soil preparation. The only thing you need to grow healthy crops in planters is a great potting mix and a healthy dose of water for proper root development of the plant. Whether it be on your balcony, rooftop or windowsill, you can plant crops in outdoor modern planters even in the smallest spaces. Having a small outdoor space doesn't mean that you are limited in the choice of crops that you can grow. In fact, with proper care many veggies and fruits can easily thrive in planters. Some of the crops that can quickly accommodate to the conditions of an urban garden include tomatoes, potatoes, salad greens, onions, strawberries and carrots.

With a dose of sunshine and the right planters for the job you can enjoy in your own fresh produce in no time. Outdoor modern planters with an integrated self-watering system are the best solution for urban gardening. They are specifically designed for growing a wide variety of veggies, fruits and herbs in the urban environment. Due to their durable construction and compact design, these modern planters can suit any outdoor space, whether that be a balcony, patio, deck or rooftop. The self-watering planter is designed to supply your crops with the required dose of water keeping them fresh and moisturised at all times. Besides the right amount of water, crops also need a healthy dose of sun light to develop their roots and leaves. Most veggies require at least 5 hours of direct sun, so make sure you place you planters on a spot that gets plenty of sunshine during the day.

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