What are the Different Types of Fat Burners

In order to get in your best shape, good nutrition and smart training are essential. However, the right fat burner can help you eliminate even more fat and unveil your best body.

But before you buy fat burners, it is important to understand what to look for. This is because fat burners usually contain different added ingredients that besides burning fat, each one of them has a specific function. Knowing what to get will depend on what you want your supplement to provide.

Boost of Energy

 Fat burners contain a bunch of stimulants to give users a great jolt of energy. Stimulants increase the amount of fat and number of calories you burn. The most common stimulant used in fat burners is caffeine. Products that contain anything above 200 milligrams of caffeine are considered a powerful one. Lately, more and more manufacturers are blending milder stimulants that provide a bit of a boost but last longer. If this is what you need, buy fat burners that contain theobromine, guarana, kola nut, yerba mate, and tyrosine

Faster Metabolism

There are also fat burners that are stimulant free but contain other ingredients that are not stimulants but assist in burning more calories such as synephrine, green tea extract, raspberry ketones, capsaicin and 7-Keto DHEA.

Enhanced Brain Function and Mood

Cutting calories while dieting can cause your mood and mental acuity to suffer. If when dieting you tend to forget things, for example, where you left your car's keys, or you feel a bit depressive, then look for fat burners that contain vinpocetine, phenylethylamine, and mucuna pruriens ingredients to help improve your mood and enhance your mental sharpness.

Less Carb Cravings

Fat burners that contain kidney bean extract (a carb blocker) can help decreases the amount of carbs absorbed by your body. Ingredients like alpha lipoic acid, cinnamon extract and chromium and also ensure that the carbs your consume go to your muscles instead of your fat cells. These ingredients can help reduce carb cravings as well.

Reduced Stress

If you've been under regular strain, fat burners that contain ingredients like Rhodiola Rosea, magnolia bark extract and phosphatidylserine can help you manage stress and minimize cortisol levels.

Less water weight

If you have an upcoming event and want to look your best for it, then about a week before the day you want to top out, start taking a fat burner that contains uva ursi, dandelion root, buchu leaf and celery seed, which can help you look slimmer. Less Hunger If you find it difficult to eat less food, then a fat burner that contains appetite suppressants such as glucomannam, 5-HTP, simmondsin and capsaicin, can help you stay in control.


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