Hire A Skip Bin - Do’s and Don’ts

Whether you are looking to hire a skip bin company for household or commercial cleaning project, you need to hire a  big one that can store all your disposed waste. The most important thing when looking to hire a skip bin is to hire a reliable and trustworthy company. On that way you will get skip bin appropriate for the amount of your waste, quality service and disposed waste according to the Australian waste management regulations. However, when hiring a skip bin you need to consider some things. Have a look at some of the do's and don'ts if you decide to hire a skip bin.

  • Do's
Order The Right Size Of Skip Bin - This is extremely important when hiring a skip bin because if you order the wrong size you will pay more than you want. If you are not sure about which size to order, ask someone from your chosen skip bin company or look at their skip bin size guide. They will be able to advise you on the size that suits you the most.

Think About The Safety - Safety is important thing to consider if you do not want any problem or hazardous situation. When looking to hire a skip bin consider its positioning, the types of rubbish and how much is there.

If the skip will be placed on a highway, a safety lights are a must, to ensure road safety. So, look for a company that will provide all these things.

  • Don'ts
Don't Overfill The Skip Bin - Always try not to overfill the skip bin 'cause if you do, the vehicle will exceed its legal weight limit and the driver can be prosecuted. An overfilled skip bin is also a serious threat to other road users, so the driver may charge you extra for removing the excess waste.

Don't Burn Waste In The Skip - If you burn the waste in the skip, you will damage the skip bin and will have to pay for skip bin repair and re-paint. You can also be prosecuted by the Environment Agency and Fire Service.

Don't Throw Unsafe And Un-permitted Materials - For safety reasons it is crucial to sort the things you can put in the skip bin. Do not dispose any hazardous materials and items like asbestos, freezers, fridges, tyres, oils, etc.


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