Pallet Racking - Which Type Do You Need?

Are you looking for a solution for the storage needs of your business. If so, you are probably on the look for pallet racking storage system. It's needless to discuss the real value of this storage system, when material handling applications are to be concerned. It's crystal clear that this system can transform your warehouse into organized place, while maximizing the space utilization in your facility.

To find a reliable pallet racking in Melbourne is not something to cause you headaches, since there is an extensive offer on the market. It is the broad offer that can confuse you when selecting a racking solution for business. We present to you the main types of pallet racking Melbourne manufacturers provide, in order to help you decide which one will do best for the storage needs in your material handling facility.

The starting point of your shopping journey should start by determining the following factors:
  • Your disposable budget;
  • The floor space in your facility available for mounting the pallet racking storing system;
  • The actual height of the ceiling in your facility;
  • The number of different product categories to be stored;
  • The time frame in which you plan to access the pallets;
  • The 'shelf life' of the products (FIFO or LIFO);
  • The number of pallets you're about to store;
  • The performance capabilities of the forklift truck you use in the facility.
By considering the aforementioned criteria you will be able to determine the requirements of your material-handling applications. Once you determine the main demands of your business you'll be able to decide which type of pallet racking to choose. Here's what the pallet racking Melbourne retailers have to offer to you:

  • Floor Stacking includes storing the pallets in rows on the floor. This type of pallet racking enables you to stack the rows as deep as the space in your facility allows.
  • Selective Pallet Rack is top-priority pallet storage choice for many users in Australia. This system provides pallet-storing shelf with uprights and a pair of cross beams.
  • Drive-In and Drive-Through Pallet Rack costs less than the flow rack system. It features uprights tied together at the top of the system which allows forklifts drive directly int a bay.
  • Pallet Flow Rack System is suitable solution for storing loads with larger volume and weight. This type of pallet racking enables storing up to 20+ pallets deep with high storage density.


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