Kitchen Sink Taps Buying Guide

The kitchen sink is undoubtedly the most used piece in the kitchen, so it needs to be sturdy and quality. When it comes to choosing the right kitchen sink and kitchen sink taps you need to keep in mind that they must match and complement each other in size. The kitchen sink taps you choose must match the style of the kitchen sink and the overall style. And, since kitchen sink taps are essential components to a well functioning kitchen, we have pulled together a guide that will help you understand your options and what is trendy when it comes to buying the perfect kitchen sink and kitchen sink taps.

  • Kitchen Sink Mixer – This kitchen sink tap is extremely popular since it has built – in cartridge that mixes the cold and hot water together through a lever.
  • Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap With Hose – The kitchen sink mixer tap with hose looks exactly the same as the kitchen sink mixer only with hose that retracts down the spout. On that way you can easily fill large pots with water, wash large shaped dishes, vases, wash fruits and vegetables and so on.
  • Kitchen Filtered, Boiling, Chilled and Sparkling Tap – The kitchen technology is so advanced that nowadays you can find different types of kitchen taps with great features. You can now take advantage of the amazing kitchen sink taps that can provide instant chilled, filtered, boiled or sparkling water. They only thing they require is to have a free space under the benchtop in order to work efficiently. 

Kitchen Tap Material 

When it comes in choosing the kitchen tap material, be careful and consider the overall kitchen style and look. The most popular kitchen tap materials nowadays are:
  • Brass – Brass or gold taps are an amazing kitchen piece that can perfectly match the traditional and country style kitchen.
  • Chrome – Chrome or silver coloured taps can be shiny or matte. Shiny finished taps can show more finger marks and are hard to clean. Which one will you choose depends on your style since both are extremely popular in modern style kitchens.
  • Solid Colour – If you have an adventurous spirit, then you can opt for these types of kitchen taps. They range from black, white, yellow and every other colour in between these will be perfect for a modern kitchen.


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