Where To Place Your TV

When you are considering buying new TV you must know some info about how big it should be, what is the biggest TV your room needs and how to position your new screen. There are three important parameters that you should be taking in consideration about your TV, and non of it's are TV specifications.


- When we talk about placing your TV we think about specific place in your room. In this case you have to take care not to place it opposite of the window, because now days modern TV are reflective and your watching experience won't be as good as in low light room.


- If you have the opportunity to choose the height of your TV, and that is in cases you will be mounting your new TV on the wall, then place it so that your eyes when you are sitting in front of the TV are pointed in the center of the TV. This is the best position that will allow you ultimate TV experience. If you are using TV stand unit, or if your are buying new TV stand then keep in mind that your screen height will depend from your new TV stand. 


– This may be the most important think when it comes to placing your new TV in your room. Distance from sitting and the position of the TV depends on the screen size, so the bigger screen the more far you need to sit. For example on 47” TV screen you should sit not closer then 2 meters, for bigger screen the sitting distance is bigger.


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