Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Book Review: The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

The 5 Love Languages book is written by a best-selling author in New York, Dr. Gary Chapman, whose prime goal is to becomes speaker, pastor and finally, an author that will be able to fulfill the will of God when it comes to bettering and understanding family, marriage, and relationships. His main point in this book is that marriage should and must be based on pure love. However, as he metaphorically refers to it, sometimes the wife and the husband speak in different languages and become disappointed all too soon from the other person's inability to understand and decipher their needs and aspirations.

Therefore, through The 5 Love Languages book, Chapman tries to reunite those differences and help couples get over them and start all over with a new and fresh perspective. He focuses on all of the important aspects, comprising physical touch, gifts, affirmation, understanding, and building trust.
By getting to know the five love languages, the spouses will discover new steps that when practiced carefully and regularly, can become a marriage savior. Many readers have written positive reviews about The 5 Love Languages book, describing exactly how the pieces of advice listed in the book have led them to let go of the old and destructive behavioral patterns that were in turn keeping the two of them apart.

It is not far from the truth when people say that this book can save many marriages and it most certainly has, however, at the end of the day it is you that decides whether you will put all of that newly acquired knowledge into practice.

Each chapter from this book revolves around a different love language, discusses it in theory and refocuses on the practical aspect afterward. The 5 Love Languages book has been translated into 38 languages and that alone speaks a lot about its greatness and the importance of the message it spreads.

Apart from focusing on the ways in which the spouses should reveal and cherish the affection for one another, the book also teaches us how to look for the right guiding lines in the character of the other person, because everyone is unique and, therefore, the path to fulfilling someone's need for understanding as a partner, should also be an incredibly unique journey.

Chapman stresses out that knowing yourself is the most important ingredient for getting to know and beginning to understand someone else as well. Being in a meaningful relationship is both hard work and the easiest thing in the world, according to him, once you get a hold of what it really means to pay attention, love and care.

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