Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Pull Off Bohemian Goddess Look With These Bohemian Accessories

Until recently, accessories were something to consider very carefully; combining the right earrings with the right length of necklace and matching bracelet was a priority and honestly, a task that requires some time and taste. But times change and so does fashion; accessories in all lengths, styles, shapes and colours are totally IN! Bohemian accessories are becoming more and more popular and you can see them on every runway show of the major brands in the industry. This stream of new trends in accessorizing is partially thanks to the emerging, or should I say, resurrecting the bohemian fashion;  something that was a major trend back in Czech Republic, or also known as the land of Bohemia, back in the early 20th century.

Boho style has a rather interesting background and an actual story to tell; people that developed it in the land of Bohemia were yearning for being freed from all those rules and stereotypes that were posed on them. This yearn for freedom quickly became the source of inspiration for them and it became visible in every aspect of their lives; clothes, accessories, music and lifestyle in general.

And there's something very sexy in a woman that lives the bohemian lifestyle; she is wearing her hair all natural and works frizz to her own benefit. Bohemian accessories complement her vision in the most suitable way; as you'll see, these accessories are mainly metallic with details in strong colours, able to fit in with any outfit. To reach this bohemian goddess look, you'll need several basic pieces in our wardrobe:

  • Multi layered textures – there's nothing sturdy in Boho fashion; everything is concentrated in looking as loose as possible, so multi layered combinations are the way you'll be dressing. The point is to be comfortable and tight, sturdy clothes just isn't that. Pieces like boyfriend jeans, maxi skirts, long wide dresses and pants will be the core clothing for your bohemian goddess dressing style. 
  • Natural colours – neon shades are a definite no-no when it comes to boho style. If you want to be a bohemian goddess, everything you have in neon will be placed on pause for some time. Natural colours that remind much of mother Earth, water, green nature and similar are in the center of this trend.
  • A lot of accessories – as mentioned before, bohemian accessories are massive, and are worn a lot in number at once. Contrary to other styles, a bohemian goddess would wear a lot of bracelets, necklaces and large earrings, but they'd still be all in compliance with each other; just because it implies freedom, Boho style doesn't mean you can walk around like a New Year's tree. You also need a lot rings and pendants in different shapes like feathers for instance. So basically, your bohemian accessories kit should include:

1. Large earrings – large earrings made of metal in various shapes in metallic colours. And if you choose small earrings, you should make sure to have a lot of them on your ears.
2. Necklaces – all lengths, combined together is your matching combination. Long necklaces with pendants in various shapes like feathers, coins, stones and in general objects that signify freedom and evolution of lifestyle are acceptable.
3. Bracelets – also a lot of them. Large bracelets made of metal or other material are totally Boho style.
4. Rings – large rings with stones or letters engraved are a must-have.

  • Makeup – bohemian makeup includes colours depending on weather and overall outfit. Most of the times you'd be wearing the black eye look and nude lips. The point is to accentuate the eyes but still maintain the natural face look. 
  • Shoes – there are no high heels like Manolos or Loubotins in Boho style. Bohemian shoe wear includes ballet shoes, sandals in Roman, African or Greek style, cowboy boots and boots on medium heels. Sometimes you'd pull off a great outfit with just flip flops.

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