Friday, October 16, 2015

Premium Barossa Wine From Langmeil Winery

Barossa is the most famous wine region in Australia, consisting of the Barossa Valley and Eden Valley. This region is a paradise enriched by a strong cultural heritage reflected in its food, wine, people and buildings. Diverse experiences, including events, festivals, golf, the arts, shopping, cycling and bush-walking can be enjoyed in a stunning landscape of manicured vineyards, rolling hills and closely linked villages and towns.

Langmeil winery is at the heart of this wine region and takes its name from the second German settlements which is established in Barossa. The winery was firs established in 1932 and existed under different names until was abandonment in the middle of 1980. After a decade the fifth generation Barossa families, the Lindners and the Bitters restored the winery and have been producing the Langmeil label since 1996.

Auricht's old vineyard which is also considered as the oldest surviving Shiraz vineyards worldwide is the source of single vineyard Shiraz produced by Langmeil winery. This rare wine celebrate the spirit of the first settlers in the region and their endurance of difficulty in escaping, leading to the wine being called The Freedom 1843 Shiraz. According to the chef of the winery, this is the easiest wine to make. Talking about Shiraz, Langmeil Valley Floor Shiraz wine represents the foundation principles of its owners. First made in 1997, today this Barossa Shiraz wine is often part of world's cafes, restaurants, home dining tables, wine stores and fairs.

Made by using 20 percent Langmail fruit and 80 percent from local growers ensures Paul Lindner, the family winemaker, can create the red wine to resonate across the wider Barossa community. For him, this red wine is a taste of the entire region as fruit for its production is sourced from most of the Barossa villages. To capture this expression, this Shiraz wine is completely handmade. Although being handmade, the Langmeil Valley Floor Shiraz is low priced wine, so any person across the world who can afford to taste this it.

Today, the Langmeil winery owns a number of vineyards planted with Grenache, Shiraz, Ondenc, Viofnier and Cabernet Sauvignon. They also draw on other fruit stock of Mourvedre, Riesling and Chardonnay from the Barossa and Eden Valleys. Even 90 percent of wine production of Langmeil winery is red wine oriented, making traditional single varieties and blended styles. They also produce both white and red bottle fermented sparkling, sweet and dry whites, a rose and several fortified wines.

The owners of this winery work hard to produce world class wines in their own individual style. They combining the new and the old technologies, with minimal filtration and handling techniques in order to ensure the complete potential of the fruit is captured, resulting in wines with subtle complexity.

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