Saturday, October 17, 2015

Rose Tattoos: History Designs and Their Symbolic Meanings

Rose is undoubtedly one of the most popular flowers. The flower is so beautiful that you would want to keep it close and by getting a rose tattoo, you could do just that. The tattoo exudes freshness and innocence that a real rose has. Moreover, you could make a rose tattoo rich to a very high degree and enjoy the attention that it will receive effortlessly.

Rose as a Symbol in the Olden Times

If you are one of those, who likes to get only expressive tattoos then rose tattoo designs are just for you. The flower has been loved and revered during the reigns of the Roman and Greek kings. While Romans loved the flower because of its eternal beauty and mesmerizing fragrance, the Greeks believed that rose was the symbol of the goddess Aphrodite. Similarly, ancient Egyptians believed that rose represented goddess Isis, who was the perfect wife and mother. On the other hand, Christians associated this gorgeous flower with Virgin Mary.

Therefore, during the era of great empires, the rose was the symbol of purity and gentleness; this fact makes the rose tattoo history meaningful. If you find these concepts adoring, you could get a rose tattoo and flaunt your pure and gentle side. Never mind, if the ancient rose tattoo meaning is not to your liking, the simple reason that you like the look of the flower is good enough to go for this tattoo.

Cool Rose Tattoo Designs

The designs range from being simple, complex to extremely complex. A simple rose tattoo would be a single rose with leaves and a stem. You could choose to have thorns on it. It will not only make it look realistic but also symbolize beauty (perfection) can only be achieved with hardship (thorns). Many people get just the close-up of the rose. A blooming rose looks splendid. In order to avoid a cumbersome appearance, you should ask your tattooist to use the color carefully. The best areas to get such a tattoo are wrists, arms, neck, and feet.

Complex rose tattoo designs would have additional elements with the rose. For instance, you could have ribbons, snowflakes, water droplets, and butterflies with the tattoo. If you like gothic art, then castles, skulls, tombstones, fallen angels are some of the most popular choices. Black rose tattoo also falls in this category. The upper and lower back, upper chest, abdomen, buttocks are some of the coolest locations for these tattoos.

Extremely complex tattoos have several components. Most rose tattoo pictures show that these tattoos are made on the back, chest, and thighs, as they require a big space. Tattooists create a scene by keeping the rose as the theme. You, yourself could create such a scene and have your tattooist ink it.

Tribal Rose Tattoos

Tribal tattoos are innovative designs that can make even the simplest ones stand out. Hence, if you have common rose tattoo pictures, you could modify them to look like tribal tattoos. The most dominant color of these rose tattoo designs is the color black. The wavy strokes around the flower are not always for ornamentation purpose. They sometimes hide other components like the stem or leaves. In this way, you could also have your name inked along with the rose. Talk to your tattooist for learning the different kinds of tribal rose tattoos you could have.

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