Wednesday, December 16, 2015

E Cigarette Clearomizer Cleaning Tips

So you've made the switch and is really enjoying your new e cigarette experience. No more tobacco stains in your hands, no more smelly hair and clothes and the best, no more need to step out of a establishment for a cigarette.

However, to be able to keep enjoying that smooth and satisfactory smoking experience you will need to keep the clearomizer of your e cigarette clean. Dirty clearomizers lead poor vapor production, burnt taste and ghosting flavor.

If you been using your clearomizer for quite a while, then you probably have run into the unpleasant taste and throat hit from a dirty clearomizer. Following are few tips that will help you clean out your e cigarette clearomizer. While cleaning out your clearomizer is not a hard task, these tips will definitely make it easier.

The following tips are recommended for clearomizers that are not too bad:
  • For safety reasons, remove your clearomizer from the battery before cleaning.
  • Pour out all the e-liquid from clearomizer and then flush water through the tank.
  • Warm water works the best.
  • After you have flushed all e-liquid from the tank, fill it with warm water again, place your finger over the top, and shake it for about a minute.
  • Although a minute should do the trick, you can do this for as long you think it is necessary.
  • Poor the water out and repeat the process again.
  • Depending on how dirty or clogged up your clearomizer is, you will have to repeat this process with a fresh warm water for about three to five times.
  • Set the clearomizer down for a few hours and let I dry naturally.
  • If you prefer you can also blow through the bottom of the clearomizer, so the water can get out through the top.
  • Using a blow dryer is also a good idea. But be careful not to damage the wicks.
  • Once your clearomizer gets totally dry, place it back.
  • You are now good to go!

But if your clearomizer is super duper dirty, a slightly different strategy will be needed. Here it is:
  • Again for safety reasons, remove your clearomizer from the battery before cleaning.
  • Like the previous process, make sure to get all the e-liquid out of the tank.
  • It is recommended that you remove out all the e-liquid before flushing water into the clearomizer.
  • Once you've drained all the e-liquid out, you are going to take all the clearomizer apart, so you can have a better access to the wicks.
  • Run the wicks under warm water.
  • Watch out not to run the water too hard.
  • Do this for each of the wicks. Take your time and be careful on this step.
  • You can take the opportunity to clean the actual tank as well – since you have all your clearomizer dissembled already.
  • Use a paper towel or cotton swabs to dry the tank.
  • Do not wipe the wicks. Instead fold the paper towel from the corners and blot the wicks until they are dry and clean.
  • Do not put tension on the wicks themselves and try to stay away from their top part.
  • Reassemble the clearomizer. It should now work much better.
To avoid ruining your day, we recommend that you have a new clearomizer on hand, just as in case something goes wrong.

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