Friday, December 25, 2015

Guidance on How to Manage Tractor on Farms

Did you know that every year around 11 people die each year on the Australian farms in tractor-related accidents. In fact, statistics show that tractors are most common vehicles that are involved in farm accidents.

Tractors rolling over is not the only type of serious accidents that in many cases end with fatal consequences. There are other hazardous situations that endorse the safety of the tractor operator and other people moving around the place. People being tangled in attached tractor machinery is not an uncommon situation.

Aside of the harsh environmental conditions, other common causes of tractor-related accidents is improper managing of the vehicle and lack of attention. This said, to prevent hazardous situations from happening, you must know how to manage tractors safely and take into account the most important considerations. To buy compact tractor that matches your needs and requirements is not the only task you need to complete. Here's what you need to do in order to make reduce the risk of tractor accidents.
  • Avoid Carrying Passengers
Simply put, tractors and vehicles that are part of the essential farm equipment, tractors are not vehicles for transporting passengers. In fact, most of the types and models of tractors are not designed for this purpose. Hence the increased risk of accidents when other people accompany the truck operator. Unless you buy compact tractor that allows transporting people and comes with special cabin, additional seats with safety belts and structures that protect from roll-over, avoid carrying passenger on the tractor, especially when you are performing some attention-demanding farm tasks. This is because this may influence your concentration as an operator which conversely leads to increased likelihood of accidents.
  • Climb On and Off the Tractor Carefully
Another common type of tractor accidents are those that happen when getting on or off the tractor. For example when you're getting on the tractor you can slip and fall to the ground. Likewise, if you jump when getting of the vehicle you can also fall and injure your legs, hand or other parts to the body. To prevent such hazardous accident from happening: keep the stairs clean, wear suitable shoes and never leave the machine working when climbing of the tractor, no matter if you need to get out for a while.
  • Use the Controls Properly
Many tractor operators often try to control the tractor while standing beside it. This is why some of them end under the tractor, being rolled over, while the most unlucky ones them end their life in this way. If you don't want to be one of them, use the controls properly when sitting on the seat. Standing while driving or starting the machine from the ground are also forbidden practices.  

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