Friday, December 11, 2015

Roller Skating Basics For Beginners

Roller skating can be a fun and exciting activity not only for toddlers and teens, but for adults as well. Roller skating and rollerblading is an thrilling and competitive sport, a great form of exercise and even a mode of transportation for some. Once you learn the basics and how to glide and stop, in no time you will be sailing around the skating rink.

With that on mind, it is time to find the best roller skate shop Australia based. Since online shopping is flourishing, you can now search for real skate shop Australia bargain online deals. What's more, you can easily compare different types and models of roller skates, as well as prices. This will surely ease your final decision. Once done, it is time to learn more about the roller skating basics that will take your skills to the next level.

Put On Your Skating Equipment 

When it comes to roller skating, the only equipment you really need is a pair of skates that fit you, a helmet, knee pads and wrist guards. A helmet will protect your head from injury, while knee pads and wrist guards will protect your wrists and knees especially at your beginnings.

Take The Right Position

Place your feet wide apart, bend your knees and squat. The key to a successful roller skating is balance. At the beginning it is completely normal to lose balance and fall a couple of times. Just don't give up and keep practicing!

Walk Like A Duck

To master your roller skating, start walking with your skates. Left and right, begin slowly walking forward and as you gain confidence start moving quickly and take longer strides. Push harder and roll further with each stride.

Learn To Glide 

Lengthen each stride by rolling for a while. Push off with one foot and glide with the other. When you turn right, lean your body to the right and when you turn left, lean it to the left side. This, in fact is the key to a successful gliding.

Learn To Stop

Your skates should be equipped with a brake, that is usually placed on the toe of the right skate. If you want to stop skating, press down hard on the toe with the right foot. The harder you press, the faster you will stop.

Improve Your Skills 

If you want to improve your skills, you will need a lot of practice at the rink, or you can join a team or league.

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