Friday, December 11, 2015

How to Use a Measuring Wheel

Measuring wheel is a distance measuring instrument usually used for long-distance measuring tasks, which cannot be performed with a tape meter. For example, the measuring wheel is used for: measuring around the home and garden; road and rail distance measuring; measuring long distances between cities and towns and more.

As it name implies, this distance measuring instrument is in fact a wheel which measures the distances by rotating, while being controlled by a handle, whilst it's directly positioned moved across the surface that needs to be measured. There's a counter which processes the results and displays them afterwards. The efficiency of the distance measuring wheel depends on the size of the wheel. In fact the bigger the wheel the faster the measuring tasks are performed. Also, what impacts the accuracy of the results is the surface, or more specifically how flat the surface is and the possible interruptions that might interfere the measuring process.
Using a distance measuring wheel is a breeze. If you haven't used such a device before, you can research about the basic principles of using a measuring wheel online . In brief, here an overview of the five simple steps consisting the method of measuring distance using this device.
  1. Clean The Surface To Be Measured

    If we take into account the fact that the measuring wheel gives the results of the distance measuring tasks based upon the number of rotations that are made, it is more than obvious that any obstacle on the “road” might interfere the accuracy of the results. For this reason, before you start measuring, make sure that there are no dirt impediments on the surface.

  2. Mark The Starting Point

    For more accurate results, you need to mark the exact starting point and position the wheel to it. Also, make sure you end rotating the wheel at the exact end point. Only in this way you can be certain that you have precise information about the actual length you need to measure.

  3. Move the Wheel While Keeping a Steady Pace

    Keeping a steady pace while rotating the wheel across the distance you want to measure, is one of the main factors that influence the accuracy of the results. Most of the measuring wheel
    online retailers recommend using the device with a steady pace.

  4. Pick the wheel up when you are done

    To avoid additional rotation of the distance measuring wheel, pick it up from the ground after
    you are done measuring the predetermined surface. Simple as that.

  5. Read the Results

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